See their mission and information in an earlier post.  Lets Open Doors HERO OF THE MONTH.


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"We went as strangers – We came back as Brothers" was such a heartfelt emotion as I presented 

Lets Open Doors last night to Chapter 969 of Virginia Beach, VA. As I told them, they were Lou's brothers;

therefore, they are forevermore my brothers. I am so honored they have chosen to partner with us. 

Together, we will open doors.

The words of HONOR, DIGNITY, LOYALTY and COMMITTMENT resonate through each of you!!

Thank you all, Gail

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Mission Description

We describe "Let's Open Doors" as the hub of a wheel. A hub alone can't move the wheel, but it brings together and connects to the spokes. When there are enough spokes, setting the rim in place can allow the wheel to move," explained Gail Mottola.  The spokes are organizations who represent their members' needing assistance or adaptive equipment by advocating their civil right of equal access for goods and services.  The wheel’s rim is the event we are planning together as a unified coalition for equal access.

We envision thousands of members of all the "spoke" organizations celebrating their civil right by walking, wheeling or riding in a large intergenerational event to show public consensus that the time has come to make equal access to goods and services a reality – on the same day over many locations throughout Hampton Roads." She continued, "Just think, this same event can take place anywhere in America with the outreach of any organization on the same day."  




"Your work is beyond any one disease or physical challenge and, as we talked about that beautiful spring day in Virginia Beach, it is a very deep human instinct that you are working to stimulate…  Kindness can’t be legislated, just awakened."  

Kathy Whitfield, Vice President, American Parkinson Disease Association


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Let’s Open Doors Campaign



A greeting we all like to hear or feel when we enter a doctor’s office, a restaurant, a bank, or any place of business…


so, WELCOME! to

 Let's Open Doors


It is the civil right of disabled persons to have equal access to premises and has been since 1973 and was restated in the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Yet, entry doors of existing buildings are outdated and heavy for patrons with disabilities and/or age related problems. It is the goal of LETS OPEN DOORS  to advocate equal access by:

  • appealing to the good will of our society: individual, commercial and civic
  • emphasizing awareness of rights of disabled persons through advertisements
  • training employees to assist patrons with disabilities by opening the door
  • installing a doorbell if necessary to alert the staff
  • changing the door pressure by an assisted pressure mechanism
  • adding an electronic push plate or an automatic door
  • citing the federal/state “disability access tax credit” to business and mall owners
  • establishing grants for small businesses to retrofit doors


Click here to view the ADA Guide for Small Businesses


Let's Open Doors is in the media!

Click on the links below to see what Hampton Roads is saying about the Let's Open Doors Campaign:

4/5/13 Inside Business Section of the Hampton Roads Business Journal

by Jared Council


4/7/13 Virginian Pilot

by Melanie Barker


6/20/13 The Virginia Beach Sun (pg.4)

by Nathan Denny

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