Increase sales by accommodating your patrons*     

bellsLet's Open Doors

BE the first Virginia Beach mall of 10 or less businesses,

for which ALL tenants fill out applications for free installation

of ADA compliant hardware by the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office.

All businesses will receive reimbursement  of a

complete door hardware  set 

(door handle, inside door push bar, and closer) up to $160.00


Follow the directions found on the application below.

Each business is responsible for purchasing their own hardware.

Suggestions are given on the website for places to purchase, but can be acquired by the businesses wherever they choose

Once receipts are given to Lets Open Doors, reimbursement will be given upon installation.

*You will be in compliance with ADA and the Architectural Barriers Act, which states “it   is the ongoing obligation of public businesses to remove architectural barriers when “readily achievable”, citing “installing ADA door hardware” is “readily achievable”.


website  Contact or phone (757) 774-7935

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