Please see this important information from the ADA NATIONAL NETWORK at their website below.

The information appears in Spanish and easily translates into English with a click on your computer.

The first paragraph states:

People with disabilities are the largest minority and fastest growing in the US They control $ 1 billion in annual revenue. They have friends, family and coworkers who accompany them to events and excursions.And use companies and facilities that are accessible to them.

How can companies provide access to people with disabilities? They can start by opening their doors, literally. Accessible doors welcome all, and are required by law.


The first paragraph states in this article:

 The doors are some of the most common problems of accessibility. They may be too "heavy" and require a lot of force to open. Heavy doors are especially difficult for people with disabilities and older people with limited strength in the upper body and / or limited use of their hands skills. Perhaps the doors close too quickly for some people to pass through them easily. People who move slowly or use mobility devices such as wheelchairs or walkers may not be able to pass through the door fast enough. Fortunately, these common problems often be solved simply by adjusting the closers. Follow these steps to make sure your doors are accessible to all.  It continues…

1. Measure the opening force and closing speed of the door

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