Individuals: Please add your name to our partner volunteers and well wishers!

We ask you to tell someone else about Lets Open Doors: 

a family member, 

a neighbor, a friend, a stranger.  

  Remember you can download a brochure or postcard to take to a business.

They need to know how their entry door excludes people

AND the solutions for the door to grow their business!

Equal access to goods and services for all is a win-win for all!


Rebecca Repass, Virginia Beach, VA. 

Mary Cromwell, Virginia Beach, VA. 




Ask us below for stick-on labels to wear and we will mail 5 to you!  

Leave them on favorite shirts or jackets, so people know you support 

the growing public consensus to make entry doors accesible for all!

Let us know how you would like to volunteer in this campaign!  



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