Postcard to Download

This is the text of the Postcard to send to any establishment that is observed to have outdated, heavy non-accessible doors.  Please do not attempt to download this preview of the postcard.

TO DOWNLOAD: Go to the menu button that says "Postcard".  Click on the words " Click here for Adobe Reader Format...or… Click here for Microsoft Word 2010 Format"   Next, click on the red title LOD Postcard to see and print  the postcard.


Your Organization here

(your website here)

Your annual event here


It only takes a minute…      

(FRONT of  POSTCARD)                                                          ADDRESS to SEND



(BACK of POSTCARD)                                                     Persons with ____________________ care about all persons who have

physical and mental challenges, including the elderly and children.

Please consider a "Let's Open Doors" policy for your patrons.

If your place of business does not have an automated button or

accessible manual handles and controlled pressure

to open your entry door, please ask your emplyees

to open the door for all your patrons needing assistance.

It's good business done easily! Thank you!


_______________Member,  (your organization_______)


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