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****************************************OLD HANDLE AND PUSHBAR REMOVAL*****************************

Violation of Access

Doors with panel type exterior door hardware require pinching the handle to open the door, and when fully opened at a 90 degree angle, a person’s hand can be caught trying to release the handle. This especially happens when trying to maneuver a walker or wheelchair by an individual or by a caregiver pushing a wheelchair. The door pressure is too great, which makes the door swing shut too quickly, causing the door to strike the person and/or the adaptive equipment used, thereby, increasing the danger of falling.


Violation of Egress

Doors with panel type hardware have square one inch interior bar with large panel at crucial point of crossing a threshold, making egress dangerous for someone using a walker or wheelchair.  The person with cognitive or physical problems has difficulty changing hand position with one hand holding the door, while at the same time trying to maneuver the wheelchair or the walker with the other hand. This can cause a fall or at the very least, being hit by the door as it closes against the adaptive equipment or person. It can be frightening to a person physically or cognitively challenged.


Over-pressured Door Closers

While there is not a specified pressure limit for exterior doors, most exterior doors can be set at 8 lbs. of pressure, which has been compared to opening a refrigerator door and without being affected by wind. Door pressure can be set by a simple Allen wrench to open to 90%, delay 5 seconds, and close slowly and tightly. This adjustment is “readily achievable”.

ADA compliant hardware, including the loop handle, loop inner push bar and closer, is approximately $140.00, a benefit to business by expanding its potential clientele.




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