LETS OPEN DOORS is often asked where to locate door hardware in Hampton Roads and on the internet. There are many places to obtain ADA compliant exterior door hardware. Some are listed below in no particular order. You may find them in-stock or you may have to order them. *“Closers” (pressure mechanisms) have a variety of adjustment features, but the exterior handle, inner push bar, and closer (pressure mechanism) can cost less than $200. Shown is a set of  entry door hardware, the closer of which can be properly adjusted to opening 90 degrees, remain open for five seconds, close slowly and latch tightly all with adjustments using an Allen wrench. See our video on you-tube:                                     "Installation of ADA compliant entry door hardware". 

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The loop door handle is on the left, the inner door pushbar is below and the closer is in the middle of the picture above. More advanced “closers” will add to the cost. Remember, however, that the IRS “Disabled Accessibility Credit” requires the first $250 to be paid outright, but any expense over $250.00 can be credited 50%.  Therefore, as an example, a fully accessible automatic door installed with the outlay of $3,000 can be tax-adjusted to an actual cost of $1675 once the credit is taken.

Beach Door Service   5788 Arrowhead Rd.  Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Apple Doors   300 Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA 23320

Lowe’s (multiple addresses)  

Home Depot (multiple addresses)

Med Emporium (multiple addresses)

“ADA compliant hardware” (stated in search engines) will give many selections

“Images of entry door hardware” (stated in search engines):  will show links to various door hardware businesses and costs





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